Strength is the ability to produce force to perform a specific movement or outcome. The more tension one creates, the more the muscle contracts, and the more force is produced.

This happens by using forces from your motor units and myofascial tissue. The prerequisites for strength are proper mobility, stability and full body tension. The body accesses it’s neurological muscular, skeletal and fascial system together. If we can stimulate the central nervous system to tense our muscles over a period of time, we get stronger.

The first thing we will do is a an assessment to see if there are any areas of the body lacking mobility or stability. Once we find an imbalance, I will design a series of movements, or patterns to target and improve these areas. We will then condition the body to do more work so we don’t fatigue, or loss neutral posture all while trying to stimulate a tissue response. Finally we can start challenging the body with different loading parameters, rep schemes, ranges of motion, and use different tools to get the body to move.

Whole body integration will carry over to greater strength levels and minimize the chances of getting injured which should be everyone’s goal.

Jamie Enriquez, Owner